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We’re a family studio creating, growing and grooming a small portfolio of products, blogs and books.

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Friendly Foxes is Alex and Milosz, living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Taught by travel, inspired by nature, we constantly learn and explore, working to help people lead smarter, more valuable lives. 🌍

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Petal Coming later in 2018

Petal is a beautiful interactive garden that grows along with you, as you complete healthy goals and build new habits. Inspired by our 2-month trip to Japan, Petal is currently under active development and will be released later in 2018. 🌸

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Paws for Trello Acquired by Trello in 2017

Paws started out of our frustration with not having a good Trello desktop app. A noble motivation, indeed. It was loved by over 10,000 users and after just a year it landed on the stage at Atlassian Summit – announced as the official new Trello desktop app.

Made in collaboration with Liam Forsyth.

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Duże Podróże

This blog has been with Alex all the way since 2009. Written and photographed entirely by her, it helps millions of Polish visitors discover other cultures & travel smarter. Also, we love Japan. ⛩

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In a lot of ways, this little app is where the journey started. Made back in 2014, Octobox was a visual inspiration app based on Dropbox – collect images, notes and links in Octobox, and they are securely stored in your Dropbox as files. We open-sourced the project in 2015.

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