Distraction-free Trello Experience

Paws for Trello makes Trello feel right at home on your desktop. Stay productive with a beautiful minimal interface that doesn’t get in the way of your work.

Native Notifications

Paws for Trello will alert you whenever there’s new activity in any of your Trello boards. You can customise the notifications and choose where you see them.

Quick Add New

Create new cards quickly and intuitively from anywhere. With an easy customisable shortcut you can make a card on any of your boards and lists.

Multiple Windows New

Keep an eye on multiple boards at once with multiple windows. Keep boards side by side, and monitor your projects like never before!

Some useful shortcuts

Open Trello URLs Automatically

Requires Paws for Trello (Mac App - Version 1.2)

Simply install the extension for your browser below, and when viewing Trello click the Paws button and we will open that URL in Paws for Trello.

You can customize how our extension works: have links automatically open in Trello and even have them close that browser tab.

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Paws for Trello was made by Milosz Falinski & Liam Forsyth.